Game of Thrones The Unsullied Army Revenge From john Snow

Queen Daenerys

The Game of Thrones is the most-watched and entertaining American series. Everyone loved the series since the first Season. But later In the recent Season of Game of Thrones, They all Disappointed every fan of the game of thrones. The series was unstoppable, but I also got disappointed by The last Season of Game of Thrones series. The unsullied army was the part of the series, And They wanted John Dead Why??

The Unsullied Army

Should Unsullied Will take Revenge For His Queen

Queen Daenerys was the only One Who gave the unsullied army freedom before they were slaves. However, The Queen Gave them freedom by Killing the king with the help of his dragon After the unsullied army supported the dragon mother and helped her fighting with her enemies.

Why Unsullied wanted to Kill John Snow

Before killing Queen Daneryns, all Unsullied respected John Snow But after John killed Queen of Unsullied or Queen Danerys. The army of Unsullied started hating John Snow and wanted to kill John Snow. However, John Snow Escaped by decision the decision of the kings landing Brandon Stark. And john Went to the night watch after he got forgiven and Unsullied army was angry because they didn’t punish the killer of their queen Daenerys.

They did not get justice for their queen. But the prequel is the unsullied head, and the army of Unsullied will return And take revenge for the justice for their Queen. They Unsullied army was too much angry when they left the kings leading and after they went to their city without taking revenge from John Snow.

We can wait for the next season to come, the upcoming series will be going to answer all your questions. The news came out by Hbo The news series Of House of Dragon is coming, and the series is related to Game of thrones. Its all about How Dragons Killed and how white walkers Started the night watch.

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