Where Did the Dragon Fly Daenerys? There Are Clues

Where Did the Dragon Fly Daenerys? There Are Clues

The Game of Thrones season 8’s final episode seems to be the mysterious episode ever that has left the viewers wondering with many unanswered questions. The question “Where did Drogon take Daenerys” is one of them.

Well! There are some clues provided at the last episode that are puzzling the viewers and here we are with the answer.

Daenerys, Not a Noble Queen?

As we know Jon Snow aka Aegon Targaryen who constantly refuses to sit over the throne for he finds his aunt-turned-love Daenerys Targaryen more deserving for the same. Daenerys’ love and support for mankind are what makes him feel that she would best serve mankind.

But his perception changes as soon as he realizes that Daenerys Targaryen’s means for getting the throne has made her incapable of being a noble queen. Daenerys burns king’s landing to the ground and kills thousands of people for making it to the Iron Throne.

Daenerys Killed by the Love

Jon snow goes to Tyrion after Daenerys massacres king’s landing. Tyrion, who is in at the pitiful stage after the death of his sister, Cersei and brother, Jaime, urges him to kill Daenerys. Jon Snow considering Daenerys a full mad queen kills her with the view to save mankind from her reign when she was just a few steps away from Iron Throne.

After eight seasons of fighting for the Iron Throne, she dies when she was so close to getting it that too by her boyfriend/nephew, Jon Snow.

Drogon Takes Her Mother Home

Drogon, Daenerys’ last surviving dragon-son, reaches to his mother sensing her last breaths. He looks at her with a heavy heart and just after a moment he finds her gone. His rage and emotions make the viewers feel as if he would kill Jon, but he surprised us by melting the Iron Throne instead.

He blows the Dragon fire over the Iron Throne in all his rage and then flies away with Daenerys’ corpse leaving us wondering “where?”

Conversation Provides Some Clues

During a discussion of King Bran’s with his council Samwell Tarly says that Drogon “was last spotted flying east” joining him Bronn says “The farther away, the better”. Bran mentions “perhaps I can find him” indicating his Three-Eyed Raven powers. It provides a clue that dragon might have taken Daenerys to the Old Valyria, a city in Essos situated at the east of Westeros.

Valyrian is the homeland of Targaryens and their dragons. It was once ruled by the dragonlords. Targaryens fled to the Westeros before Valyria was destroyed by a disaster. Daenerys in season 3 mentioned that Valyrian is her “mother tongue”.

Probably Dragon would take the Dany’s body back to her ancestral home to place his mother at her final resting place.

Well, it can’t be considered the end of the story as Bran said: “perhaps I can find him”. We would probably be seeing the dragon again.

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