Game Of Thrones: When The Targaryen Prequel Show Will Release

Game Of Thrones

If you guys want to know when exactly will the Game of Thrones Targaryen prequel show release? HBO canceled The Long Night prequel in October 2019 and announced a new series which is named as House of the dragon. After that day all the fans of the game of thrones are looking for the release date of this new series.

Game Of Thrones: When The Targaryen Prequel Show Will Release

As per all the fans are assuming the house of the dragon will most likely to release and premiere in 2021. As per now the Full cast of this new series is not yet announced. If the HBO follows the Game of thrones releasing structure then the New series house of the dragon will probably release in April month 2021.

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If we talk about the House of the dragons the Targaryens are known for their influence within Westeros and especially they are known for tempers and their Dragons. With the help of dragons, they have won all the Westeros. There is much humor about the house of the dragons but the truth will come out when premiere is released and all the fans are waiting for that day.

All the fans are hoping for best because the last season of game of thrones disappointed almost all the fans and viewers of the game of thrones. But now the HBO has planned something more interesting season which will all love to watch.

House of the dragons cast

Most of all characters of last season are changed and In the new House of the dragon season, a Huge cast is introduced which gives another boost to this season. But all the cast has not been revealed by HBO but soon they will announce all the Characters of the new upcoming season

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