House of the dragon new series confirmed by HBO

House of the dragon

The new Series the house of the dragon is coming and it is confirmed by the HBO. Game of Thrones prequel series is officially being made to series. HBO greenlit House of the Dragon on Tuesday, which is based off George R.R. Martin’s Fire and Blood book about the rise and fall of House Targaryen. This is good news for the fans who were disappointed by last season 8 of the game of thrones

This comes on the same day fans learned the OTHER Game of Thrones prequel show, supposedly called The Longest Night, was not going forward at HBO after a pilot shot earlier this year. But don’t worry — David Benioff and D.B. Weiss aren’t working on either of them!

The Prequel Series House of the dragon is Coming. In this Series, HBO came up with the history of dragons, what happened to the dragon in the past And how the dragons were dead. Game of Thrones Season 8 Disappointed everyone at the end. For Making it for entertaining HBO came with Prequel Series House of the dragon on Game of Thrones.

GAme of House Dragon Is based on Blood and Fire Book. The series is about what happened to House Targaryen. The rise and fall of House Targaryen The Series takes place about 300 years before the game of thrones. Before 300 years there were lots of dragon and blood and fire. The poster is out there you can see a poster of the house of the dragon. fire will reign

House of the dragon
House of the dragon

What’s  New In House of Dragon Series

This series is all about the past what happened before the game of thrones in the past 300 years. There were dragons and who killed or destroyed them. This series house of the dragon Coming To Production. Before The production, You can get some hint what will be happening in prequel series of game of thrones The House of the dragon, The Rise of House Targaryen and fall of House Targaryen. This is the coming series that is announced by HBO.

I know We are a lot disappointed by the last game of thrones Season. ButThis Series is going to be the best series of HBO. Jon snow who was leading the main role in Game of Thrones Season 8 is also doing a role in this series. The Series is going to hit soon. Everyone is excited to see the series. The series shows How White walker came to the Night watch  And Who made them and How.  The series house of the dragon will show how the long night of the White Walkers and Deadman Started.

Mainly The Series Show What and how the White Walkers started a long Night and Who made the White walkers. I was also disappointed by the game of thrones Season 8 The End was Worse. But now I am eagerly waiting for this Series. The official series is the prequel of the game of thrones. The series shows What happened  300 Years ago before the game of thrones. The series is going to be a little Interesting.

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