House Of Dragons – The Prequal Series Everything you Need to Know

House of the dragon
House of Dragons is not the prequel of Game of Thrones, here you need to know everything about the amazing series by HBO, The house of dragon series is going to be amazing soon, there are lots of amazing characters in prequel series of Game of Thrones, The characters are unpredictable, whole story is on next well.HBO will update soon for the upcoming series. the series is just amazing about dragons’ history of how they survived and got killed and how House Targaryen fall and rises, house Targaryen faced many critical problems it falls and then how he again rose.
House Of Dargon Series

How much epsoides for the coming series

The season will have a count of 10 episodes For the house of dragon series but the HBO does not reveal any date for the upcoming series, The prequel series is all about the dragons and their livings and About house Targaryen. The series is going to tell us how hard the lives was 300 years before the game of thrones, Many great characters are working in this.

Prediction Date of House of Dragon Series

The confirmed date for the house of dragon series is 29 October 2019, it may be correct or may not, it is just predictable. The series is based on a book called fire and blood Hbo will reveal the date of upcoming series soon but I’m sure the series going to be superhit and at the advanced level because it is based on a game of thrones and game of thrones series has lots of fans in the whole world. Everyone gonna loves the upcoming prequel series House of Dragon, We know recently game of thrones producers disappointed every game of thrones fans by not explaining and completing the story properly, we hope the come up with the next season with the best story, Hbo always came with their best characters and story.

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