Game of Thrones’ Ending Seems to Have Planted a Few Seeds for Further Adventures

Game of Thrones’

The final season of Game of Thrones series left many hearts broken. People aren’t ready to accept this reality that they wouldn’t be able to enjoy this one of the most highly rated TV series that they always waited for.

However, on the other hand, the announcement of a new prequel by George R.R. Martin gave a new hope to the individuals that the crowd seemed calmed after that. Well, if that’s the good news for you, then there’s a bunch of joy that could fill you with excitement from head to toe.

The era of Thrones is not ready to leave your small screens. Not only is there a GoT prequel show, titled “Bloodmoon” already in production, but the HBO and George R.R. Martin have confirmed that at least two more spin-off shows are in the works with a bag full of new ideas floating around in between.

How each new show will look as compared to its predecessor remains a question in the dark?

With that said, there have been a couple of rumours that the Game of Thrones ending itself might have sowed a few seeds to take us on the new adventures beyond the Iron Throne. Though HBO is staying quiet about that, yet we have come up with some sensible ideas about what could be coming next from George R.R. Martin’s fantasy world.

Game of Thrones’
Game of Thrones’

5 Potential Game of Thrones Stories We’d Like to See Next

1. The Adventures of Arya

This is the imaginary show that is currently at the forefront of everyone’s thoughts. While HBO has stomped on any rumours that it’s developing an independent arrangement following Arya Stark after the events of Game of Thrones season 8, that doesn’t imply that fan demand won’t prevail upon the programmer over greenlighting a pilot concentrated on her travels towards West of Westeros.

2. Fire & Blood

Earlier this year, George R.R. Martin wrote a brief update on all the Thrones spinoffs in the works. While teasing that, he could divulge much saying –

“Maybe some of you should pick up a copy of FIRE & BLOOD and come up with your own theories.”

FIRE & BLOOD is about the history of House Targaryen that takes place around 300 years before the events of the mainline show, beginning with Aegon I Targaryen’s conquest of the Seven Kingdoms and ending up at the reign of his grandson, Aegon III.

3. Dunk & Egg

Do not mistake to take as a new Dr. Seuss book! It is rather an ongoing series of the shorter stories from George R.R. Martin set that goes on under a hundred years before the events of the Game of Thrones. Dunk & Egg, slightly more lighthearted than the other main tales of the author, follows the adventures of Ser Duncan the Tall, who is a legend of the Kingsguard, and his squire, Egg, who ultimately goes on to become Aegon Targaryen.

4. Robert’s Rebellion

Fans have been dying for years to witness that Great War between Robert Baratheon and Aerys Targaryen. Everyone, in the show, talked about it as though it happened yesterday in Game of Thrones Series.

How Robert devolved from a great warrior to a famous man and depressed monarch? How did Jaime become the infamous Kingslayer? Jaime witnesses the firsthand the delirium of the Mad Targaryen King himself? These are the question that we all are seeking the answers.

5. The Doom of Valyria

In the Game of Thrones season Series finale, we witnessed Drogon – Daenerys’ only surviving dragon – heading East with his surrogate mother’s corpse. The going theory tells that he’s traveling to Old Valyria, the mystic country of both the Targaryens and their pet dragons. That dangling story string could kick off a spin-off about the historical backdrop of the flying reptiles themselves, and how this fire-blooded family tamed the Westeros’ most powerful beasts.

Such a show could likewise come with more insights into the events of a mysterious cataclysm, The Doom, which turned Valyria from a city of magic and might into a sad ruin, and keeping in mind that Martin has offered small insight about the event in different works. A full show gave to the course of events could be an extraordinary way of fleshing out that history, so we could get that last chance to say goodbye to Dany and Dragon.

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