Why Didn’t Drogon Take the Revenge of His Mother’s Death?


In the last episode of Game of Thrones, Daenerys’ chapter comes to a bitter end when her love-turned-threat Jon Snow killed her, just before getting to the Iron Throne. Daenerys’ life seems to be dedicated to achieving the Iron Throne as she fought for it throughout the series. Her death, when she was just a few steps away from getting it done, left the viewer’s jaw dropped.

Drogon Got the Sorrow of Dany’s Death on Iron Throne

But it’s not the only thing that amazed all of us. Soon after Jon Snow killed Daenerys, Daenerys’ son, Drogon, reaches her when she was breathing her last, he sniffs her, and the emotions are like he is trying to put the life back to the body. Having realized that it can’t be done, he looks at the Jon with his fiery eyes and makes us feel that it is going to be the end of Jon Snow’s chapter as well. (Literally! I want to mention that my heart was in my mouth at that moment) But that’s not what actually happened. Instead, Drogon melted the Iron Throne with fire breath and took Daenerys’ body with him.

Death of Daenerys has left Drogon all alone with no one beside him. Why didn’t Drogon take the breath of Jon Snow for what he had done to Daenerys? Drogon’s response was something very startled for all of us and maybe for Jon as well.

Does He Consider Iron Throne Responsible For Dany’s Death?

Drogon’s pain, anger and emotions can be felt with his burning up the Iron Throne. He might have realized that this is what made Jon Snow do what he did. The desire of his mom for Iron Throne has taken her life, leaving him behind all alone. Probably, he had understood that Daenerys’ deed for achieving the Iron Throne has made her emerge out as a negative personality not suitable for ruling Westeros. Jon Snow, a guy who always believes in doing the right thing no matter what did this not for the sake of himself but for the sake of Westeros.

Dragons Don’t Betray Targaryen

Jon Snow’s Targaryen blood might be the reason of Drogon’s mercy over him. Jon Snow is a son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. When he was an infant, his name and identity were changed to protect him. Dragons and Targaryen share strong ties, and when it comes to Jon Snow, it becomes even stronger as Jon Snow is the one who is allowed to pet them and even ride them without being harmed.

Ignorant Drogon

It might sound very investigating, but Drogon was not there when Jon Snow killed Daenerys with the dagger. When he arrived, he found Jon Snow standing nearby. Probably, he is ignorant about the murderer of his mom, or maybe he is ignorant about the murder even.

Besides all, it’s quite a sad ending at the part of drogon who has already lost all his siblings, and now it’s his mother.

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