How Games of Thrones Series Started

the night king
Games of Thrones Series is the most-watched by HBO, Everyone just loved the series, The scenes are crazy in the series with a lot of war, fun. Game of thrones just nailed everywhere, fans are just waiting for next season they are curious to know what’s gonna happen in the coming series. Game of thrones seasons just started with the night king and the white walkers and how they ended up. The characters and story are just unpredictable. No one can predict the story of what’s gonna happen in the next episode. THE story is just amazing with vast and creative ideas.
the night king

How Games of Thrones Started with night king??

With the end of 2019, a lot of series ended as well, like Games of Thrones Series, and a few more. Though the end of the last season of game
 Of thrones, the popular TV series left fans disappointed. Most said the series was concluded with lots of stories unexplained and characters with no proper purpose. Many believe this was a strategy to earn more money along with the production rather than caring about fans. One of the disappointing scenes was the character of Night King. So, why did the most popular and essential personality become the reason for disappointment?
The series began with the dead army and the night king. May Hbo get us to know soon the latest updates of the game of thrones next season. Fans are waiting for a long time, Because the series is mostly liked by everyone, all the characters are just fabulous and charming. But the ended the recent season with unexplained characters and their story. LETS when Hbo is giving good news for the next season. The series just left disappointed in the end with unexplained everything. Soon next season of the series is coming till then we can just wait.

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