Will Queen Daenerys Take Revenge From John Snow ? Game Of Thrones Prequal

Queen Daneryns

Game of Thrones series is Awesome because it is also a reality show and the series is relatable. Game of Thrones Season 8 ending was unexpected, Fans of Game of thrones got disappointed by the series. They just ended the season 8 in any way. They left the things uncleared But We all seen how john snow Put a sword in Queen Daneryns body and Then the dragon came there and he smelled and the dragon get to know the Queen Daenerys is alive, and the dragon destroyed the iron throne, but the dragon didn’t kill Jon know with the fire.

Queen Daenerys
Queen Daenerys

Why the Dragon Didn’t kill John know

There are two reasons why dragon didn’t kill john Snow first reason is the mother of dragon loves snow and dragon also john Snow, and another reason is The queen was alive that’s why the dragon took the queen Daenerys from king landing and fled away. In the end, we didn’t get to know the queen dead or alive. The game of thrones seasons 8 disappointed everyone. They didn’t say anything about the queen Daenerys. In the end, the three raven bran said he saw the dragon. But they didn’t give us any information about a dragon and the mother of dragons.

Will Queen Daenerys Return

Hence the queen is alive, and the dragon took it to his home to heal her and the queen Daenerys will return, and she will surely take revenge from all the starks and john Snow who tried to kill her.

The prequel is the Queen is alive, and she will come back with his dragon in the Next season of game of thrones. Until the next seen, We have to wait for What’s going to happen in the upcoming series. I am excited about the new series of Game of thrones because the game of thrones is the most-watched series and entertaining series.

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