Game of Thrones is Over, Now Who Will Answer These Questions

Game of Thrones

The reality we have to accept is that Game of Thrones is over. Brand Stark is the new King. Sansa Stark is the new queen in the North. Daenerys Targaryen is dead.

Another reality is that there’s no going back to Westeros. Several questions will forever linger in our minds. Plot points were dropped. Characters went away. Motivations never explained. Yes, we have read some of your theories, but those aren’t real. Perhaps, the Game of Thrones prequel that’s currently in works may answer a few of them… but maybe not! Find out the burning questions below that we’ll likely never get the answers for.

Game of Thrones


Who Did Dany’s Hair?

We know it was Missandei who made those brooches in the past. And, then she died. Who braided those locks after that?

What Happened to White Walker Babies?

In season four of the show, it was seen that the Night King and the associates created White Walker babies. Are they still alive? Or What happened to them? Did they also die when Arya killed the Night King?

Why Was that Warging Concept of Hodor?

Hodor became Hodor owing to the Bran’s double warging. That happened in the one episode of the mainline show, and then nothing else was done with the concept?

Was Bran Behind All This?

Was it Bran who was pulling the strings of the final episode all that time? Also, where was Bran warging amid “The Long Night?”

Were Red Priestesses, Other Than Melisandre, Old Too?

If not the same, all the Red Priestesses wore a similar necklace like that of Melisandre. The question is – “we’re all of them secretly old too?”

Was Cersei’s Pregnancy the Truth?

Later in the show, it was revealed that Cersei was pregnant. How did she get to know about her pregnancy when there are no pregnancy tests available?

Why Did Cersei and Jaime Not Move?

The Game of Thrones finale showed that Tyrion was able to move about that place so easily. Why didn’t Cersei and Jaime do so?

What Was The Deal With Arya’s Horse?

Arya survived Daenerys’ rampage escaping from the place on horseback, only to return to it sans horse. Was it Bran controlling the horse?

How Sansa Got to Know that Bran Can’t Have Kids?

As far as we know, Bran never delivered such a statement to anybody. So, how did Sansa got to know about this? Did Bran tell her?

How Much Time Passed Since Daenerys’ Murder till Bran’s Ascension?

Daenerys is murdered by Jon Snow. He is kept hostage. And, then is released to his family. How much time exactly passed between all this?

Was Daenerys Targaryen Really That Loud?

Daenerys gave many speeches to the people from hundreds of feet away. How could they hear her from that far? Also, didn’t all the Dothraki were killed in the Battle of Winterfell?

Did Jon Snow Confess?

Jon Snow murder Daenerys Targaryen. Then, her Drogon – Dany’s last surviving dragon – is seen carrying her mother. That’s it! No one witnessed that murder. So, did Jon Snow confess to the troops?

Where Did The Dragon Go?

Daenerys’ only surviving dragon – Drogon – comes, takes her mother’s corpse and flies off. The question is, where?

What Happened to Meera?

She simply left Winterfell in season 7 of Game of Thrones. What happened to her? Did she live her own life?

What Happened to Daario?

Daario was such a big character who played an important role in Daenerys Targaryen’s life. And, she left him behind. Then, nothing was shown about him.

Why Did Arya Not Use Any Faces?

Arya spent a lot of her time training to become a FACELESS, and she didn’t use the faces except one time. Why?

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