Night King Reveals the Reason Behind that Weird Look He Gave to Bran

Night King Reveals the Reason Behind that Weird Look He Gave to Bran

Exotic looking blue-faced man with a crown built into his head, yes! You got it right; we are talking about the Night King, who suddenly met his fiery end.

Arya Stark killed the Night King when he was heading towards Bran Stark, don’t know for what. Well! I want to call him the king of expressions.

Yes, his expressions that always turn the Bran look pale were so damn ferocious this time, his chic walk made everyone wondering what he up to is?

Neither the Night King nor his army is here to answer what drove them to march that snobby, fearless walk. But don’t lose heart! The real face behind the Night King is here to help us figure this out.

Did the Night King Want To Kill Bran Stark?

That slow movement, the aggression on his face and that tiny smirk clearly cited his desire to kill Bran. It was like, “Just a few seconds Bran and I’ll choke your life out”. But this is not what exactly was going into his head.

In a recent interview with Variety and Vulture, Slovakian stuntman Vladimír Furdík, who played the Night King in the series, was asked what drove him to march that way. Vladimir Furdik revealed something you can’t even think of.

What Was Going Into His Head?

Furdik said that Miguel Sapochnik, “The Long Night” episode director suggested him that in order to walk that snobby walk, just right the way it should be you have to think of “A Cake”. YES, YOU HEAR IT RIGHT “A CAKE”. Let me tell you what he exactly said.

“I remember a couple of times when I did the walk, and I go for my target, which was Bran, and he said, Bran, he is not man. He is a cake. And you would like to eat this cake. And I would like to see you acting; you’re walking to him, you’re walking like you’re looking for that cake, which is waiting for you under the tree.”

Well! Even My eyes are considering Bran a Cake now.

Director continued providing direction and said: “If you have a child, and you said, “Hey child, there’s a cake, in the kitchen! Go there!” They’d go, “Ahh, cake, cake!” But adults never run for the cake. They walk. You can see from an [adult’s] body — they’re going for a cake from grandmom, and they’re looking forward to eating this cake. When I walk, you can see what Miguel said: “Don’t be a soldier. No. Just walk, confident. There’s a cake.”

I think even you have tried to draw that expression considering a desire to have some cake.

This Is What He Was Up To

Furdik further revealed that the Night King might not have any desire to kill Bran at all. The Slovakian stuntman said –

“Look, we think he’s going to kill Bran, but who knows if he’s going to kill him? He doesn’t rush. Maybe he had different [plans]. Maybe he wanted to do something else. You know? Then she kills him. But maybe he was gonna show them, ‘No, no, no, wait, I’m here for something else!”

So, in reality, the Night King was hungry, and all he wanted was a slice of “Bran Cake.”

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