Game of thrones Prequal Filming

Game of Thrones Filming

Since the game of thrones series has come, we loved every season and an episode of Game of thrones By HBO. Game of Thrones is the most-watched series, but after the last season, the fan following of Game of Thrones has decreased because they disappointed every Game of Thrones Fan in their previous season. They ended the season 8 anyway But here I came up with an update of Game of Thrones Filming. Game of Thrones next Season Filming has been started, and For Now, they are launching a new series, The House of The Dragon.

Game of Thrones Filming

Filmmaking Of Game of Thrones

The filming of the next season of Game of Thrones is started, but we don’t know what’s new coming in the series. but Game of thrones prequal series House of the dragon is Coming Soon as the poster was released a week ago.

The filming of prequal House of the dragon started a few months ago, But the HBO didn’t announce any updates about the upcoming series. Just a week ago, the HBO updated about their future series house of the dragon that took place 300 years ago of the game of thrones. The poster says About the house of the dragon, Fire will reign. Prequal series House of The dragon going to be launched soon.

Whats is the House of the Dragon Series about ??

The house of the dragon series is about the history of house taragarean and how they relate to dragons. The series is almost associated with Game of Thrones and From my point of view. Maybe they will tell in House of dragon series, how dragons and house taragarean got destroyed and their ancient history.

Everyone is excited to know what’s coming in the series. To get notified What’s new happening in the upcoming series, Bookmark our site. We update Every day about the latest updates and news of Game of thrones.

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